Sunday, June 16, 2024

Game Day.


A young James Macarthur is prepared for his starring role in film The Light in the Forest: A young white man who spent his whole life raised by Native Americans is sent to live with his birth family and must learn to fit in with people he was taught to hate.


50's buzzcut guy with a nice smile.


Beating the heat.


A self-proclaimed nudist on Reddit posted this photo of himself watering the gravel.


Here's a touching contribution from a longtime follower of this blog: "Bob - For some time I have greatly enjoyed your blog, so thank you for all of your work on that. A bit ago you commented that it is tough to find older nude pics that haven't been seen gazillion times before. Attached is a 1959 photo of my late friend Garry that I don't think has circulated before and which I think is a cute vintage shot. Best wishes, Bruce Rochester, NY. " Thanks Bruce!


Flying the flag of Brazil.