Friday, February 24, 2023

A follower of this blog sent me these photos of an unidentified model by an unidentified photographer along with a slightly sad story: "Years ago I purchased these photos at a shop in San Francisco. It was a time when men were dying of AIDS and their belongings were being sold off. This shop, “The Black Cat”, in the Castro (long closed) had many such items. I rather liked this young man so bought the set. The prints are only about 2’’ x 3’’ inches so the quality could be better — but not bad considering. I follow a few blogs which feature vintage photos of naked men and have never seen these. I thought you might like. There are no identifying marks on the backs other than the print numbers, so I don’t know who the photographer was. I would imagine they were taken in the 1960’s, or maybe even the 50’s. Note he is wearing the belt buckle off to the side." As the sender of the photos also notes, the model appears to be a monorchid (one ball.)


Outdoors and indoors. Photos by Terry Hastings.


WWII, Palawan 1945.


Vintage boating buddies.