Sunday, April 21, 2024

Boxing and rasslin' at AMG. The dark haired model is Armando Gonzalez.


Men at War.


WW One. I don't recognize the uniforms.

WWII-1944-Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands-Captured Japanese Soldiers.

1916 - Swedish Soldiers riding bareback.

New Guinea, probably WWII.  


Looks like WWII in the Pacific. 

1943 Somewhere in  the Pacific.


This photo reminds me of the Forty Foot, where men swam nude in Dublin Bay year round in Sandycove, County Dublin in what is now the Republic of Ireland. Now open to men, women, and children, nude swimming no longer takes place. In 2014, the Sandycove Bathers Association ended the ban on women club members, and they may now use the onsite changing rooms and clubhouse kitchen. Nobody is exactly sure where the name The Forty Foot originated.


Nice 60's guy with a beaded necklace.