Friday, January 12, 2024

Here's an uncropped version of the photo of a Nude American airman lying on a cot on a rocky ledge near the ocean, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, 1945. The cropped version was posted along with an accompanying image on January 7th. Photos by Technical Sergeant Lisle George Neher, Dfc. Thanks to the anonymous commenter there who pointed me in the right direction. These photos look like color film slides, so please excuse the dust.


Unidentified photo from on online collector/seller. He stated he acquired it from Gay Treasures in New York City three decades ago.


Brian Idol by an unknown photographer.


Another Ed Fury photo popped up. Bruce of LA, Kensington Road era print.


Rear Nude by Ralph Kelly. All of today's pictures were sold on eBay with the exception of the latest one on top.


Debut Studios unidentified model.


KRIS OF CHICAGO Chuck Renslow - Unidentified Physique Model /update: Chuck 'Boots' Murphy is the ID from Brian E.


Found one more of THOM MUSCOLINO by KRIS OF CHICAGO (Chuck Renslow)